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Deborah Lovett

Deborah Lovett is a God-driven speaker who captivates her audience. Her ability to weave humor and real-life experiences into God’s Word motivates all who hear to a stronger relationship with Christ. She is a powerful, engaging speaker, strongly rooted in the Word of God.

The Holy Spirit has taught Deborah how God desires to give us victory in all circumstances. Deborah’s passion is to speak to women about how they can fall in love with Jesus because HE chose them, how to live IN CHRIST, so they can ARISE out of difficult circumstances through love, forgiveness and the grace of God. Deborah is best known for her book “ARISE: Out of the Ashes” which chronicles the complete loss of her home, the two gifts God left among the ashes, and the redemption that followed.

Deborah began as a Women’s Ministry Leader in a large church in Ohio. After planning, organizing and teaching for many years, God directed her to begin writing her own studies and her first book, Gushing Springs. The writing, in turn, led her to testify to women on God’s behalf. She stepped out in faith; churches began calling, she had found her purpose and hasn’t looked back. She has spoken from the east coast to the west coast.

She also became the President of the South Dayton Christian Women’s Club. Then began writing magazine articles for the Alliance Magazine, and doing radio interviews for Sirius XM radio and other blog talk shows as well. She has been written up in daily newspapers around the nation for her speaking and her book, Gushing Springs is an award-winning book.

Before ministry, Deborah was the Assistant Vice President of Star Bank. She is married and has two adult children, one daughter, and one son who is a newlywed!

ARISE Out of the Ashes: A Story of Redemption, Restoration, and Forgiveness

ARISE Out of the Ashes chronicles Deborah Lovett’s incredible journey back after losing everything to a devastating house fire. She found two astonishing treasures in the ashes that changed the trajectory of her life. Find out what they were. You will never forget this story!

Gushing Springs

35 daily devotionals/7 week study on the Woman at the Well. The only world she knew was a world of broken promises, hidden agendas, and disappointments. Her heart was broken in pieces. Her struggle, though, wasn’t against memories. Her real adversary was the “enemy of her soul,” who had stolen from her, lied to her, and tried to destroy her life. He had to be overcome. The tables, though, were about to be turned. She was going to be changed from the inside out. By God’s gracious power, she would be given a purpose and stop being a victim. Instead, she was about to become restored and victorious! As she approached the well, she was subtly interrupted. A stranger with a kind face asked her, “Ma’am, excuse me. Could you give me a drink please?” This is how our story begins. It will continue through the winding and turning of conversation, with abrupt detours in dialogue that will leave you hanging on the edge of your seat!

22 Days in the County Jail

Her world was falling apart. The once joyfully alive Kathleen, married the wrong man. One bad choice and no knowledge of what an abuser looks like, she fell in love. Three children later, things got worse instead of better. Now a desperate housewife, Kathleen started drinking straight Vodka to comfort herself. Soon she was taken from her perfectly polished, suburban neighborhood, to the County Jail for a 22 day stint from one too many… of everything. Enter her world, I dare you. You will laugh, cry and get angry, but I guarantee you~ something will awaken in your soul.


Scripture came vividly alive as Deborah shared the story of the Samaritan woman at the well. Deborah’s conviction and passion, deeply rooted scripture, made every woman present wear the skin of the Samaritan woman and receive the grace and mercy of our Lord. She made the point of Jesus as our Savior, our all-knowing God, clear to the seasoned Christian as well as to someone new to Christianity.

Deborah transfers her personal tragedies into a statement of faith that is compelling and encouraging to all.

Deborah is a God-driven speaker who captivates her audience. Her ability to weave humor and real-life experiences into God’s Word motivates all who hear to a stronger relationship with Christ. She is a powerful, engaging speaker, strongly rooted in the Word of God.   If you are looking for a high-energy, faith focused, God-passionate speaker, you may be assured that Deborah will give her all to your audience She will make them like sponges, not only soaking in God’s Word, but also motivating them to go into the world sharing the Good News.

– Marty Kamprath, Prince of Peace Lutheran Church