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Then the Lord replied: “Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it” – Habakkuk 2:2

Deborah Lovett - Writing and Speaking Coach

Deborah Lovett – Writing and Speaking Coach

Why would I choose Ebb & Flow as the title for a Writing and Speaking Coaching Program? Well, since most of my ministry revolves around the “Living Water,” I know that any Christian writing or speaking ministry involves the ebb (inflow of the Holy Spirit) and the flow (communication of the message given) in order to fulfill God’s calling on our hearts. The combination of the ebb and flow produce a tide. The tide rolls back and forth, in and out, on every beach in the world! The Great Commission found in Matthew 28:19 says to go into all the world and make disciples.  Besides, what writer doesn’t love to get those creative juices flowing while having a great view of the water? Better yet, what person doesn’t love to read an amazing book on the beach?

After communicating messages at Christian Women’s Conferences, I like to pray with the women and listen to their hearts as I stand at my book table. Over the twenty years I have been in ministry many women have expressed the desire to write a book or speak. I know that the two must go hand in hand like the ebb and flow of the ocean. You must be able to write a message if you want to speak and you need to be able to communicate if you want to tell someone about the book you wrote or the message God has given you! Therefore, my coaching incorporates both aspects, along with all the hard-won truths that I have uncovered through some heart wrenching engagements over the years.

The EBB AND FLOW Coaching program is open at any time during the year.

This package includes:

Two recorded messages each month for three months:

*One focusing on your Writing

*One focusing on your Speaking

The videos cover: topics, focus, target audience, outlines, writing your testimony, platforms, publishing with KDP, book tables, speaking contracts, checklists, event planners, bios, my writing process, delivering a message, components of a book, also stories of all the things I learned the hard way over 20+ years of writing and speaking! Plus much more!!

You will also receive:

A one-hour personal coaching call each month.

Unlimited access to me through email, social media and text.

After attending many large speaking and writing conferences myself all over the United States~ I have decided this individual coaching is truly needed. This is a sincerely personalized program geared directly in line with each woman’s calling. You can work through it at your own pace. I was trained by Carol Kent to speak and attended many conferences throughout my 20 years of speaking and writing all across the country. I am a member of AWSA, Speak UP Services and Womenspeakers.com.

Price per month is $100. $300 total. Payable by the first of each month.

Disclaimer: I am not a speaking bureau or a publishing house or an editor.  I cannot get you speaking engagements nor can I publish or edit your book. I will however teach you how to go about these things, and give you unlimited resources to help. I will also pray with you on every call.

Simply fill out the form below and I will get back to you with more detailed information on the topics I cover and answer any questions you have.

Thanks for your interest!

Books by Deborah Lovett

Deborah Lovett, Speaker

Deborah Lovett, Author

First and foremost, Deborah coached us with full respect for what God has placed in our hearts. She has the vision and skills to lead us in fine-tuning each personal mission. Her experience and wisdom as a writer and speaker that she generously and entertainingly shares via ZOOM or with coaching calls will inspire, encourage, enlighten and motivate you. You will receive many helpful suggestions and resources to assist you in your journey. 

Ultimately, she will cheer you on, guide you, help untangle the knots, and assist you in your personal needs as you do the work that God has inspired in you.

Stephanie Bathon


After taking her two online studies and hearing Deborah teach at a women’s conference, I was honored to be able to sit under the coaching of such an anointed woman of God. Her love for Jesus is what drew me in. She truly has a heart for helping women reach their dreams of writing and speaking with practical tips and constant connection. She meets each of us right where we are at and encourages and empowers us to go for more! I am blessed to have had this invaluable training and insight that has helped me take the next step in faith. Thank you Deb.

Kelly Soracco

Women's Event Speaker

Having known Deborah for several years after first meeting at a women’s event, I found her to be a faith-filled and captivating speaker who also authored some powerful books.  So when Deborah announced she was going to offer group coaching for speakers and writers, I just knew it was worth participating in.  Deborah is an excellent teacher and coach who brought her program to light with her wonderful stories and years of experience.  Her teachings were practical and held within them some tips and lessons I haven’t heard before despite attending numerous speaking and writing how-to events. 

After our initial one-on-one coaching session, Deborah encouraged me to pursue writing a book I had been trying to get started.  Her recommendations and advice helped to put the content of that book and its direction in perspective.  Through her teaching, I was finally able to put together my outline and begin writing.  She also challenged me to set a writing timeline and held me accountable.  If you have wanted to start writing that book or begin finding those speaking engagements that God has called you to, I highly recommend taking Deborah’s group coaching for speakers and writers.  You will find in Deborah a faith-filled mentor, coach, and teacher who possesses great insight.

Marian Boveri, @allthingsharvest on Facebook

Deborah’s coaching classes on speaking and writing are outstanding!

Her lessons had a great rhythm and order. The information built upon itself and you could immediately put the learning into action. The daily guidance and contact with the instructor and fellow team members was invaluable; it contained encouraging and uplifting conversations.

Sarah Gove, @WarriorWomenStand on Facebook

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