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A place for you to be Inspired, Discipled, Mentored and so much more!

Hello! We are so excited you are here.

Women Gathered was created as a place for you to be




A place to find your unique creativity

Increase strategic prayer

 and so much more!

It’s a community of women, and ALL women are welcome.

We will share and encourage each other through social media like: Facebook and Instagram and other outlets such as Zoom, and teleconferencing. Don’t worry, if you are not on all of them as long as you have an email address you are good to go!

We will help you from there to get connected.

So what can you expect?

In February and March we will be offering a study called: DO NOT WORRY.  This study is based on Philippians 4:4-8:

Saying good-bye to that old friend called ANXIETY~

Saying adios to that WORRY that hangs on for dear life~

Saying hello and hola to GOD’S PEACE!

We hope you will join us for this joyful occasion!

Every Saturday you will receive via email your five-day reading and light homework.

Every Wednesday evening all WOMEN will GATHER for a mini-teaching and prayer time on Zoom at 7 p.m. EST.

There will also be an optional Facebook group to connect, engage in group discussion and encourage one another with prayer.

Each month we will present new classes, mentoring opportunities, and/or every day “helps” that will bring Christ to the forefront of your life and the way you live.

We will be practical in our approach. We know you all are busy and so are we!

We don’t want this to be “one more thing” on your to-do list.

We want this to be the “one thing you don’t want to miss!”

We want 2019 to be the year that you SHINE!

No holding back, no regrets, no backsliding, no way!

We will hold out the Word of Life to you and it WILL SHINE and so will you! We are Women Gathered to glorify God, at the Well of Grace…pretty simple, yet truly profound when you consider the sacrifice and depths of the grace of Jesus Christ.

Our spirits are on fire with excitement! Won’t you join us?

From our hearts to yours,

Your Facilitators

Deborah Lovett

Deborah Lovett

Deborah is a colorful story-teller that brings God’s Word to life. Her passion is helping women to arise out of difficult circumstances through faith, hope and love. Deborah is Founder of Women of the Well Ministry. She is an author, wife, mother of two newly married children and lives in Ohio on a horse ranch.

Michele Giletto

Michele Giletto

Michele teaches women how to move from routine religion to life-giving faith. Founder of Gathered In Grace Prayer Ministry, Michele is called to lead women to experience their own personal relationship with God and feed their soul through God’s holy Word. A certified Integrative Health Coach and full-time healthcare director, Michele is caregiver to her husband and happily raising her two teen-aged children.

Michele Giletto
Gathered in Grace Ministry

Deborah Lovett
Women of the Well Ministry


Next class begins February 16, 2019 and the ends March 16th.

Cost is only $20 for all four weeks!