Deborah Lovett

Hi! I am Deborah! Let me tell you first a little about myself and then what you can expect if you have me speak for you live or online.

I am very creative, an introvert when alone, and an extrovert when with people. My background was in Banking. I love beauty, color, texture and nature. I have lived on a ranch for 20 years, with horses, cats, dogs, and a variety of other animals that live in our woods. The woods are what drew me to this property: the fruit, the wildflowers, the spices, the herbs. It was a great place to raise children. However, my two children are now grown: one girl and one boy. They are both happily married, so I am ready to downsize! Recently, my first grand baby was born, her name is Lyla Grace. She lives in Texas with my son and his wife. My daughter lives in Los Angeles with her husband. The both have dogs!  I live in a tiny country town called Bellbrook. It is near Dayton, Ohio. I have been married 32 years as of this year. (2020) My parents were married 69 years! I lost my dad in 2019, he truly was my best friend and I miss him dearly. He left me a godly legacy.

My hobbies include reading, writing, hiking, boating, fishing, cooking, decorating, fashion, traveling, gardening and painting. (When I can find the time to do so!)

I am a bit visionary and a lot entrepreneur. Which is why I love coaching women on how to write and speak. Each lady is different! Each ministry for the Lord is unique!

Now here is what you can expect if you have me communicate to your ladies online or in person:

  • you will not get a polished and perfect speech, you will get a message that I directly prayed about for your women, that fits your goals and theme
  • you can expect me to be timely in every way and very approachable
  • you can expect me to pray with you and your committee before the event on Zoom and in person
  • you can expect me to be an “easy” speaker, I do not require much more than a clean, safe place to stay and healthy meals
  • you can expect me to respond to your emails in a very timely manner~getting you whatever you need
  • you can expect me to be humorous, in line with the Word of God, and teach in a way that your women will REMEMBER through storytelling
  • you can know I will love you and your women unconditionally
  • you can know I will be there to serve you and your women in the name of Jesus as His ambassador

Okay? Any questions? Feel free to go to the speaker contact page! After you contact me I will send you a freebie! “How to have a Spiritually Successful Event!”


Scripture came vividly alive as Deborah shared the story of the Samaritan woman at the well. Deborah’s conviction and passion, deeply rooted scripture, made every woman present wear the skin of the Samaritan woman and receive the grace and mercy of our Lord. She made the point of Jesus as our Savior, our all-knowing God, clear to the seasoned Christian as well as to someone new to Christianity.

Deborah transfers her personal tragedies into a statement of faith that is compelling and encouraging to all.

Deborah is a God-driven speaker who captivates her audience. Her ability to weave humor and real-life experiences into God’s Word motivates all who hear to a stronger relationship with Christ. She is a powerful, engaging speaker, strongly rooted in the Word of God.   If you are looking for a high-energy, faith focused, God-passionate speaker, you may be assured that Deborah will give her all to your audience She will make them like sponges, not only soaking in God’s Word, but also motivating them to go into the world sharing the Good News.

– Marty Kamprath, Prince of Peace Lutheran Church